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Wine Businesses and Wine Estates are long-term, international investments that can offer exceptional property, cashflow and brand opportunities. Unlocking value hinges on powerful a long-term strategy and executive team to navigate this complex, competitive and dynamic industry. WBA discreetly offers wine businesses and properties within the Western Cape at the premium, to luxury level. We combine bespoke due diligence, unique industry insight and an international network to assist in your sale or acquisition. South Africa has undergone a fine wine boom over the last 20 years. International critics have awarded six 100-point wines, as the Swartland Revolution, Young Guns and producers from all corners continue to push quality. This has led to a shortage of supply, liquid secondary market and high returns, along with price increases above inflation. South African wine can offer a hedge against depreciating ZAR, has rising brand equity and offers some of the highest QPR (Quality Price Ratio) in the world.

WBA Wine Business and Estate Investment Opportunities

July / August 2024

WBA_table live July 2024_4x.png

CAPEX - Capital Expenditure required relative to cost of asset.

DEVELOPMENT - The peroid required to develop asset.

Please enquire with Roland Peens - to enter a discreet engagement on the acquisition or sale of a fine wine asset.
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